It's hard to surprise a coffee lover... unless you're a coffee lover. And we love coffee at Super OnPoint. Here's a range of options.

For the one who has everything, I'm sure they don't have this... The Coffee Alarm Clock

Nespresso Vertuo

Everyone has seen the original small capsule models but these larger ones provide an even better experience. And even if your coffee lover has a big fancy machine, no one can resist the ease and convenience of a good Nespresso machine.

The key is getting either the original or next upgraded version here. We dropped in to the store to ask the key question - Which unit will last the longest? The new ones are too automated (read: Things can break). This is the unit they grind through at the store a hundred times a day.

If you really want to go for WOW! then include the coffee pods, and a nice drawer to go underneath it.

Get them Peaberry beans

Most coffee beans are split, but peaberries are the full bean. It's a rarity to see them at coffee shops, and coffee connoisseurs love the rarities. For bonus points, get the a pure Hawaiian peaberry.

Tamping Tools (For the highly advanced)

If you know someone who has a full espresso system, then it's really hard to surprise them, until now. We caught this at the wonderful Neccesity Coffee in Encinitas. These tools make sure all the espresso grounds are evenly distributed for the finest pulls.

If you want to add some WOW, then get these coffee bean pods. They make it easy to grab a single serving and throw it in the grinder.

And if you want a different sort of artsy gift, there's the coffee art print...